Saturday, July 02, 2011

27 Months

I've become officially lazy with this blog, and taking pictures, and anything that requires any mental effort on my part these days. And I think I did my math right on how old Avery is today. Yikes, I'm becoming dumber by the second with this pregnancy.

Conversations with our girl have become quite entertaining these days. My mom watched Avery for a few hours yesterday, and we returned home to find out that Avery had informed her that the bear on the flash card had a spanking, a time out, and was now crying. She keeps repeating this to us, and we keep trying to find out why the bear is in such trouble. It's simply a picture of a teddy bear playing the violin with his eyes closed. Maybe she thinks he's sad.

She puts her baby dolls down for a nap and will cover them up with her lovey and tell them, "Sweet dreams, sleep tight baby." She checks on them repeatedly, so often that I wonder if those poor babies actually ever get a nap. Then she'll wake them up with "Hello, Sweets." She's copying me with the nickname, since I use that on her sometimes.

At the pool today, I dragged her into the main part with me, away from the safety of the steps. Screaming ensued, followed by "Don't. Like. It!!!" It took all of 30 seconds for her to start kicking her legs and having fun.

Sour cream and ketchup are still her main staples with each meal. I wish we could get away from them, but if it means other food makes it in her belly too, then I shouldn't worry so much.

She tries to negotiate, and she plays the parent card...if one parent says no, she'll turn to the other and ask the same question again. Thankfully we're on the same page and she gets denied both times, though rumor has it Daddy snuck her an extra piece of chocolate today.

She knows random shapes, like pentagon, but square and triangle are her favorite. She's starting to recognize letters and numbers but isn't consistent yet. Counting is all over the place most days, but once in awhile she'll surprise us and count a sequence of something properly.

If she hops in the shower with me, she sits down and asks for "market market", which means we have to play This Little Piggy. She touches each of my toes as I say the rhyme, but she goes so fast that I'm flying through it and barely get to Wee before she's onto the next foot.

I painted my toenails pink, and Avery has to declare the color of my toes every time she seems them.

She loves to flush the toilet for us. It's very weird. She'll also state what's in the toilet, something like this: "Just pee-pee." or "No poo-poo" or "Ewww, yucky." I've had to start locking her out at times, just for a minute of privacy. But, I also want her to get used to the toilet in hopes that she'll start using it.

We put her down at a friend's house one evening while we went to our childbirth class. When we picked her up, she sleepily told us, "Avery, don't touch fish." Her friend S has a beta fish in his room. Turns out she was remembering his request not to dump his fish food out again. Funny how that conversation was the first thing she thought of upon waking!

All balloons are high balloons, or hi balloons. We're not sure which.

She talks about characters from her favorite movies as if they were real, like Caillou or Junior from VeggieTales. She has conversations with us about them, usually about something they did in that episode. And, she frequently asks for something because they had it first, like juice or ice cream.

She fell out of a chair yesterday and Luke swooped her up. She bawled her eyes out and requested that they "cuddle 2 minutes". Sometimes she asks for this for comfort, like in this instance, and sometime it's simply a delay tactic before bedtime.

I asked her if she thought the baby is a baby boy or a baby girl sibling. She responded with baby boy immediately (which I think it is), but then stated that it was also a baby girl. No help from her!

We love you Avery Jane!

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EMU said...

Bop does the same thing when I ask her about the sex of our baby. She always quickly insists it's a boy, then yells girl a few seconds later. I don't think she really gets the question... :)