Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baby P Update

We're home from my doctor appointment with some good news! I'm on bedrest through the weekend, which marks 34 weeks, and then some of my restrictions are being lifted next week. I'll be allowed to be up and moving more at home, drive myself to my doctor appointments, and run errands (if necessary). I'm still asked to take it easy and not lift much at all, but I don't have to maintain my perch on the couch all day anymore, which is fantastic. I can go back to the Bradley classes starting next week as well, with some modifications on some of the exercises. I know I'll be sticking close to home for the next few weeks regardless, just because it's hard to lift Avery in and out of shopping carts and into the car (she can climb, but it's a bit of a stretch for her sometimes).

The baby's heart beat was great, he/she is head down, my weight decreased thanks to that hospital stay (but not an alarming amount), and the bleeding has stopped. I don't have to worry about placenta previa either, since the placenta will continue to move upwards as the baby and uterus grows. I don't have to add any extra appointments in at this point, since I'm going every 2 weeks anyways, but if anything changes for the worse we'll be back there in a split second. I think all restrictions are lifted at 36 weeks, so just 4 days of complete rest, 2 more weeks after that of taking it easy, and then we'll see what happens! If this baby is already measuring at 5 lbs, I'm okay with him/her showing up a week or two early.

Thank you all for your prayers and offers to help us out! Please keep praying that we make it to term and that nothing changes for the worse. We'll keep updating every few days just so you know we haven't disappeared into the hospital.


Michelle said...

That is all great news, I'm so glad!

Kelly Mann said...

YAY!!! Such GREAT news! Love you!

The Pardues said...

So glad to hear the good news, Megann! Been praying for you!

The Pardues said...

So glad to hear this good news! Been praying for you and Baby P!