Monday, July 25, 2011


I'm transferring updates to the blog now that we're home, so check back here regularly to see what's going on with Baby Presley.

A tiny background summary for those who are just finding out: I went into the hospital Saturday afternoon because I had started bleeding quite a bit, very unexpectedly. Our neighbor (who is on bedrest herself) came and sat with Avery while she napped until my brother-in-law could get over here, who sat until my parents arrived from out of town.

We were placed in triage for a few hours where they did some bloodwork, a lengthy ultrasound (including a physical on the baby, who passed with flying colors), some other exams, etc. Triage = tiny room and the world's most uncomfortable bed and too many people fluttering around you. We were moved into L&D for a couple hours before moving to our final room in antepartum, which is where the sick pregnant mommies go to hang out until they deliver or go home. While in triage, it was looking pretty likely that we'd have a baby in the next couple of days, by c-section, but thankfully everything slowed down, the results were good from all of the tests, and hope increased that this baby would stay in there longer.

They gave me a steroid shot around dinnertime, but I hadn't eaten anything since 1:30, and the shots tend to make your blood sugar skyrocket. I didn't get dinner until 10 pm Saturday night, so I had a really bad night with the shakes and a racing heart, but it settled down early morning and I was able to get a couple hours of sleep finally. The purpose of the shots is to mature the baby's lungs faster, in case the baby decided to come before 34 weeks. The goal is to get me to at least 34 weeks, though yesterday morning the midwife said I have a chance of going to term at this point, though it's still a day-by-day situation and things could change at any minute.

Last night's nurse was odd in a friendly, kooky way, but I would request her in a heartbeat if I needed another shot in my hiney. The steroid shots hurt like the dickens - long needle, lots of fluid going in, in a sensitive area. But, apparently, there is a "dime-sized spot that the good Lord created" (her exact words) that has the least amount of nerves, and she pegged it. Praise God! I didn't even notice the needle go in, not until she started pushing the fluid in. She told me that she'd been giving shots there since 1974, and she won a dart-throwing contest in South Korea when she was stationed there. Ha!

Sunday was a slow day overall, but we had a few visitors, including a delightful visit from Avery and my parents. It was so good to see Aves, though she was really nervous about me being in a hospital bed with a needle sticking out of my arm. They had just taken me off IV (praise!) but left a saline lock in place just in case. Avery also didn't like the nurse, because all nurses carry needles (it's true, they do), so as the nurse headed out, she yelled out "Bye, nurse! All done nurse!"

We got home around 10 pm last night, after my last steroid shot, another hour on the fetal monitor, and discharge papers.

The baby is doing so well, the bleeding is going away, and I feel good. I'm looking at an undecided amount of time on bedrest, and praying that it's weeks and not days, as un-fun as that sounds.

Our prayers right now are that the placenta continues to slow/stop it's bleeding (it's not placental abruption or placenta previa, though it is lying anterior and a bit low), the fluid levels are maintained and don't drop, the baby stays head down, the placenta decides to stay out of the way of my cervix so I can labor, and that Avery adjusts well to me not being able to do anything for her right now.

My mom is here this week, and Luke is working from home as much as possible. My in-laws are coming at the end of the week to relieve my mom for a few days, and then they'll trade off as needed/as they are able.

We're taking this a day at a time, praying that God would give us peace and would minimize the scares that could crop up with this situation. We're hopeful and thankful to be home, where life feels more normal.


Kelly Mann said...

Praying for you, sweet Meg! God has BIG plans for this little one and I know He has placed His provision over the entire situation. Love you and so glad your family is able to be there to help out! I'm praying for you and that baby!

I'll be sure to try and post some blog posts for a few minutes of entertainment for you! :)

EMU said...

So glad to hear a positive update! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Kim said...

Great update! We are watching, waiting and praying! Take it easy and let the (grand)moms do exactly what they were meant to do! Mother YOU! Love from the Kellys

diane said...

So glad you got to come home and that the baby is doing well! We pray that the time will pass quickly for you while you are on bed rest.

Jo said...

Meghann, we have you and the baby on our private prayer list always, but have added you to our church and Sunday School class as well. Thank goodness Kathy and Luke's mom can come and help you. Let Mom know if you need her. She can be a wonderful help, and she would love the chance to play with Avery for a few days. Uncle Steve and Laura send their love (boys don't know but will send their's next time I talk to them.) Remember, our God is an awesome God!