Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The results weren't good from the fasting glucose test - I now have gestational diabetes. But - I've heard from the midwife and the diabetes educator that my numbers are "beautiful" now that I'm following the GD diet, so I won't have to be put on any medicine to help my body do its thing. This diagnosis was a big blow for me mentally, since I've been on a low-sugar diet for so long (it's not the diet, it's the hormones and pancreatic function, but it's still depressing). At least I haven't been flooding the baby with unnecessary sugar before I knew about the GD, which is a bonus. The diet really isn't that different from what I've been doing, though I've cut back on all carbs more. The biggest difference for me is how regulated I have to be as to when I eat, and what combinations I have to make when I eat. I live by the clock now, which is hard because my schedule is so random these days.

At my appointment this morning, they even said that if my numbers continue to remain so great, I can cut back to checking my sugars twice a day, instead of four times a day. And, there's light at the end of the tunnel, because this will go away once I have the baby. However, I also have up to a 50% chance of developing Type II diabetes later in life, which, well, sucks.

The baby is measuring normally (the concern for GD babies is that they would be large), and I'm still on track to try for my VBAC, which is such a relief. The midwife said I shouldn't have any problem with it despite this diagnosis.

So, please pray that the baby stays small, my blood pressure remains normal, that I go into labor naturally near or on my due date (as opposed to after it, especially since they won't induce me b/c of the VBAC), and that labor progresses well and there aren't any complications throughout. Also, pray for a healthy baby with proper blood sugar levels at birth.


Michelle said...

I'm glad that your numbers and everything else look good, despite your diagnosis. We'll be praying for an uncomplicated and healthy delivery!

EMU said...

Erg, so sorry to hear this. But what a blessing that you've already been watching your diet so closely. I'll be praying!