Saturday, July 02, 2011

30 Weeks (sans pic)

Again, lazy with the camera. Picture a large bump on the front of me. I'll get one taken eventually and post it.

But, I'm down to the last 10 weeks! This has been another easy pregnancy so far, and I was thinking today how I'm not as tired of pregnancy at this stage like I was with Avery - it must be that I'm home instead of working on my feet 10 hours a day. The baby is very active, and this morning around 6 am it was like a seizure occurred in my stomach and then all was quiet. Sometimes I can feel the baby stretching from opposite corners of my uterus, and yesterday it was more like a spread eagle in there - all four limbs seemed to stretch out at the same time, if that's possible. Right now as I'm typing the baby is wiggling a ton. It's such a blessing to see and feel this child move about inside of me.

I'm measuring right on target, the baby has thankfully shifted up a little bit so that I'm not feeling intense pressure, and my weight gain is better than I hoped it would be, meaning this low-sugar diet has worked. It's also made me fail my glucose test, and I had to go in for the awful 3 hour fasting glucose test. And, you don't fast for 3 fast for 10-12 prior, then you sit in the waiting room for the 3 hours following your first blood draw and that awful drink. I nearly passed out multiple times, and I had people coming up to me making sure I was okay. Random strangers had to check on me all morning, because I was the weird sweaty person in the corner about to fall out of her chair. I could sense that a lot of people didn't want to sit by me either - there was usually an open seat next to me at all times, even when the room filled up. There has GOT to be a better way to test for gestational diabetes, because this was just torture. And, I'm praying that I don't have GD, because wouldn't that just be the kicker? At least I'm used to the diet already! I think my main concern is having a big baby because of GD, which tends to happen, because the whole point of the low-sugar diet was to make a small baby for VBAC purposes.

Crazy pregnancy dreams are back. Or they could be stress related. Either way, int-er-esting.

Yogurt with grape-nuts is my new craving.

I walked to the grocery store this evening with Luke and Avery to pick up a redbox movie and some fruit. I wasn't sure I'd be able to make it back. I don't have pain usually, but my sciatic decided to flare up halfway. I officially waddle now too.

I can't stand and chat anymore...I have to sit all the time.

We're in Bradley classes and like them, but there are some kooky people in there! Our instructor also keeps telling us to eat something light during the early stages of labor, like pancakes. She ate a stack of 20 during one of her labors. Um, ew! Not light. Pancakes sit like a brick.

We're also scrambling to find babysitters for the rest of summer for Bradley classes, because our original babysitter is now on bedrest and our backup lives in the opposite direction, which makes for a very long evening. I'm praying we can find someone who can come to us!

I feel better about my pregnany body this time must be the summer tan that helps. Winter white plus an extra X amount of pounds doesn't equate to pretty in my mind.

Yes, EMU, I have pregnancy jorts. Simply because they don't have to be ironed and I don't have to think about them much...any shirt will match. Skirts and maxi dresses are my preferred wardrobe, but those shorts make a frequent appearance!

I think Avery is getting tired of "it's too hot" to do this or that, but when I'm running 10-15 degrees hotter than most people, 104 temps just aren't going to cut it for me. I'm so thankful that she can entertain herself for a long time indoors.

We picked up some new baby/big sister books at the library. They're cute, but nothing I'd highly recommend at this point.

Here's hoping that the last 10 weeks go by smoothly.


EMU said...

Ewww. Pregnancy jorts.

Who is is your Bradley teacher? I really liked ours, but I don't remember a pancake fettish...

Wahoo! Just 10 more weeks! We're almost done! :)

Meghann said...

Yes, I knew you'd grimace EMU! :)
Susan Toler is our teacher - we meet up in Round Rock, so I doubt you drove that far. All of the others were in town, so too far for us on a weekly basis.

EMU said...

Our teacher was Chan; LOVED the classes. She did her classes at a N location and a S location, so I thought maybe you were going to her N class.

Terri & George said...
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Terri & George said...

Meg, so happy to hear you're feeling well! Fingers x'd for your GD test results.
Post belly pics!