Monday, August 29, 2011

38+ weeks

Still pregnant - don't want you all to think my silence means we've had a baby without telling you. I even had a pic to prove it, but when I told the computer to rotate the photo, it deleted it instead. Lame. And I'm super speedy with clearing them off my camera, so no back-up. Of course.

There's nothing new to report on the baby front. I have an appointment tomorrow, where once again I won't have them do an exam to tell me how far I'm (not) dilated. The baby does like to press on the nerves that shoot down between my pelvis and my thighs, usually at the same time, when I'm walking somewhere in public and look super awkward when I do this weird squat jerky reaction to the shooting pain.

I also had a bottle of water at church with me yesterday, and someone knocked it over, so it looks quite suspicious when the 9 month pregnant lady returns to her seat with a stack of paper towels to clean up the puddle under her chair.

I've thought this baby was a boy almost the entire pregnancy, and I'm still holding to that, but I had a dream last week where the baby was a girl. Maybe it's because that's all I'm familiar with. Everyone has switched over to girl, although Luke went back to boy last night. I'd say he's one undecided father on this front. I could be absolutely wrong and decidedly happy regardless.

I spent one night over the weekend thinking over new things to add to my once-completed to-do list, and I just had to get up and write them all down. I think I finished all of those, apart from a bit of grocery shopping for labor snacks.

I'm reaching the panicked nesting stage. I am highly irritable. I get irritated when people interrupt my nesting. I'd prefer to have a few hours to myself to get stuff done than to visit with people when I can. I'm hungrier, because I have to eat less, because there is less room for my stomach to expand. My energy is all over the place. It's too hot to walk this baby out of me in the regular outdoors (hello 109 degrees!), so we walk Target or the mall instead. Not as good for my budget.

So, no worries - you haven't missed the birth. Avery was late, so keep that in mind.

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EMU said...

Love it! I could have written most of this post! :)