Thursday, August 18, 2011

Maternity Pics

My good friend Erin came over to take some maternity pics close to home, only to get rained out after just a few minutes. But, she's fast and got some amazing family shots. We finished up the next night at the park, just the two of us (Avery stayed home with Daddy), and we had a perfect (though a little hot and windy) night to snag some more awesome photos. If you ever need a photographer, give her a call. She's fantastic, especially with the kids.

I'm loving the preview so much, and after all the drama of this pregnancy, it's so nice to have it documented in a special way, to remember that this life growing inside of me is special and unique and something to be celebrated.


Michelle said...

So pretty! How do you get Avery to cooperate so well for pictures??

Meghann said...

Thanks Michelle! And, these were probably the only good shots that came out of that time...Avery would not sit still or cooperate for anything! She kept running away when we tried to get her kissing the belly. We just happen to look all calm and put together in these, but it was chaotic!