Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Avery Girl

I don't want to do the whole "princess" thing with Avery, been trying to avoid it, but when the dress-up box is dumped out and Daddy dresses her like this and tells her she's a princess, she's bound to repeat the phrase. I'll just tell her what my mother told us, "Well, if you're the princess, that makes me the queen!"

Apart from her play clothes, Avery really has no interest whatsoever in what she wears. She is drawn like a moth to a flame to anything girly and sparkly, but usually only if it's my stuff. As far as her own wardrobe goes, we've had no battles in getting her dressed in the morning. We pick it out, she lets us put it on her. She doesn't seem to have a favorite color, although sometimes she prefers the blue plate for meals.

But - I'm still holding out that we can avoid the whole pink-sparkly-entitlement that comes with Disney these days.

She looks pretty cute, though.

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