Friday, August 05, 2011

Weekly Report

  • Tomorrow marks 35 weeks. We've made it 2 weeks since our hospital visit!
  • I'm on modified bed rest for 2 more weeks. After that, I can do whatever I want, within the scope of normal pregnancy regulations of course. That glass of wine will have to wait. 
  • I was originally told that they won't induce me at all for a VBAC, but the doctor informed me that even if I go to 42 weeks, it's not an automatic c-section. They will do a very gentle induction at that point. Praise God! They won't, however, induce me at 39 weeks just because I'm tired. I'm perfectly in agreement with them. 
  • My mother-in-law was here this week, and we (she) got lots of cleaning done, plus we had time for some sewing. Thank you so much for coming to help us out!! We miss you already!
  • Our neighbor, who is no longer our neighbor because she and her family moved last week, had her baby a week ago. Such a tiny, precious little girl! They stopped by tonight for a little visit and I got to snuggle the baby for a bit. I'm hoping she whispered to my baby and encouraged him/her to not take too much time getting here once full-term is reached. 
  • We ask Avery if she wants a baby brother or a baby sister, and she usually repeats sister. I still think this is a boy. I could be very very wrong.
  • Luke quizzes Avery on her middle name preference for a boy. She usually responds with his top choice over any of my choices. Stinker. His are weird. However, she also picked "Tickle" as a middle name at one point today, so I don't think her vote should count. 
  • When Avery saw baby Lyla today, she just stared and stared at her, probably wondering how she came to exist outside of her momma's belly. We tried to explain that we'll have a tiny baby in a few weeks. And then Lyla started crying, and Avery responded with, "Baby cry! Baby sad!". I have a feeling we'll hear that a lot next month. 
  • Dora is the new favorite at our house, and we had a long day of it yesterday because I was at the end of my patience and Avery was at the end of hers. She consistently cracks us up with her talking though, because she kept running into the room to tell me, "I see Swiper! I be right back!" and off she'd go to make sure Swiper didn't run off with whatever object he was trying to steal. 
  • Baby P likes to stretch out diagonally in my belly, making it look quite oblong. I'm often lopsided. 
  • My belly button popped out with this pregnancy. It never did with Avery. I wonder if it's because this baby is sitting much lower, and it stretches my skin out differently than Avery did. 
  • I've been sewing like a madwoman. I have 3 quilts in various stages, plus a teething guard for the crib. 
  • We have a quiet weekend ahead of us, lounging around the house and enjoying this restful time before the baby comes. 
  • I feel good, the baby is healthy, and we're just hanging out, waiting! We are so eager to meet this child. And I'm SO curious to know the gender!


EMU said...

Yay! So glad to know everything is going so well! I'm with Avery -- I think you're having another girl! :)

leschiang said...

I'm so glad you're doing well and that you don't have to stay glued to the couch! We've been praying for you. Oh, and I saw on your list that you want to learn how to make char siu bao. I can help!!!! My mom's are the best!!!