Sunday, October 02, 2011

Eleanor, Week 3

Week 3 began our alone time as a family - I had Luke around Friday through Sunday, and then bright and early Monday morning I was up bright and early functioning on my own. It ended up being a really really long week, especially when Eleanor decided to have her awake time during Avery's naptime, which meant not much of a nap for me. I'm learning to master the art of power napping. Thankfully, Luke walked in the door at 3:45 on Friday afternoon, asked what he could do to help, and I handed over Eleanor and took a long nap. Thankful for a sweet hubby!!

The girls and I did get out twice this week, once to the free breakfast at Chick-fil-a, and once to Sprouts for groceries. It's actually easier than I thought it would be - Eleanor goes in the sling first, then I get Avery out and settled in the cart, and off we go! Then Avery is the first back into the car for fear of her bolting or a stray car coming too close.

First tub bath - it took awhile to get to this milestone because of a stubborn little stump of umbilical cord that wouldn't fall off. I'm so glad it's gone now, because sponge baths are just annoying! She's happier sitting in a little puddle of warm water too. Avery sat up on the stool and watched and handed me things when she wasn't busy climbing up and down off the stool.

She is much more alert these days, which means she is also grumpier, unfortunately. She is realizing when someone isn't holding her and she starts to cry. Gone are the days of just crying for food!

This week she liked to cluster feed in the mornings, sleep mid-morning through lunchtime, and then have a couple hours of awake time before going back down mid-afternoon. She then slept much of the evening and started another cluster-feed session around 9 pm until around 11 pm. I put her down, went to sleep, and she'd be up an hour later (ugh!), before we settled into 3 hour stretches for the rest of the night.

The days were broken up by friends dropping meals off - we'd get to visit for a bit, and adult conversation is such a welcome relief!

Eleanor and I also had a girls' night with my sister Michelle and our friend Kelly, who was in town for a work convention. We sat and gabbed for a couple hours over pumpkin pancakes at Kerbey Lane. Eleanor slept til we finished our meal, and then woke up for a meal of her own. I forgot how easy this age can be!

I also got my first intentional smile from Eleanor, on Thursday! Kelly was holding her and talking to her, and E  gave her a couple small smiles, and when I sat down next to them and started talking, E looked over at me and gave the BIGGEST smile ever. Melt my heart!

We celebrated week 3 and started week 4 with a Sip 'n See in Eleanor's honor - almost everyone there had a nursing baby or a baby on the way. Thankful for sweet friends and family who celebrated with us!
MJ snuggling Eleanor
Crystal and a hidden Titus, Shana and Lyla, MJ with Eleanor

Michelle and sweet Sadie
Tomorrow is the start of another 5 days alone during the day, but I'm feeling better and able to get out more and I'm more confident in my ability to handle two, so it should be easier.
another visit from D-dad, who has been missing his girls terribly!

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