Sunday, October 02, 2011


Two point five years of fun and unspeakable joy because of this girl.

She has changed our life for the better, and I'm so thankful for the privilege of being her mama.
bouncing on the large bouncy ball

Some highlights:
  • She carries on a non-stop dialogue. Much of it makes me laugh.
  • We're working on teaching her to not whine. Some days it feels like a losing battle.
  • She loves her baby sister so much. She shares her most prized possession, her lovey, with Eleanor, and then tells us how nice it is to share. 
  • She gives Eleanor kisses all day long, but she refuses to hold her. 
  • She role plays and has a very active imagination. Much of the scenes stem from Caillou or Dora and take off from there. 
  • Her latest role playing is pretending to come to dinner. She puts on a purse, and sometimes my shoes, and tells us she'll be to dinner soon. 
  • She is crazy about her daddy - he is always willing to go outside and throw the bouncy ball around with her, which is her favorite outside activity. He also plays the best games.
  • She has been wandering the apartment at random hours of the night, usually around 5 or 6 am. We put her back to bed and remind her she has to stay in there until her clock turns green. Not sure why she's okay with that, but can't just seem to follow that rule before then. It's frustrating, but I'm usually up anyways nursing Eleanor. 
  • Apparently I'm the feared parent, because this morning she came into our room asking for Daddy, but when she saw me stir, she bolted. 
  • She has the best laugh I've ever heard. 
  • She loves to be tickled and will ask for more tickles.
  • Avery goes down for a nap everyday without fuss, but sometimes I hear her playing in her room after I've tucked her in. I don't mind this, as long as she stays in there, and she usually puts herself back to bed and falls asleep. The other day I heard her playing with the play kitchen, and then 5 minutes later she called for me to pick up her lovey. When I opened the door, she was completely tucked back under the covers, looking just like I had left her. She must have been so proud, thinking she had fooled me. 
  • She is the worst eater. I dread meal times. 
  • She loves to dance but asks us not to dance (or sing) when she is. I don't blame her - we're awful.
  • She's fun and quirky and is such a delight.

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