Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2 and 3 Months

Dear Eleanor,

One day I'll explain why there were no formal pictures taken of you at 2 and 3 months old. We have snapshots, but the monthly photo-in-the-chair just didn't work out. Mommy kind of gave up on 2011. At your 2 month check-up you were 12 lbs 1 oz (75th percentile) and 23.5" (85th percentile)! Today we went for just a couple shots and your new weight (with clothes and a full diaper on) was 14 lbs 1 oz at nearly 3 1/2 months. That's quite the weight gain in a month!

In the past two months, you have:

  • started to giggle, though it's more like "heh, heh", and only when we tickle you under the neck
  • gained amazing head control - you are much more advanced at this than your sister was
  • started sitting in the Bumbo this past week
  • become more entranced by your big sister, who devotes a good portion of her attention to you all.day.long
  • woken up happy every single day. You whimper until you see my face, and then it's all grins from there
  • busted out of your swaddle way too many times, but you won't sleep without it
  • begun drooling like crazy, though you still aren't a big spitter (yay!)
  • started sleeping through the night in the past couple of weeks - we can get a good 10 hours straight most nights, but the past couple nights you've woken up due to that darn habit of popping out of the swaddle, and you decide that since you're up you might as well eat
  • taken a couple bottles in the past 2 weeks, but they aren't your favorite by any means
  • gained a new cousin, baby Grayson, a week ago
  • taken a 3 hour nap every afternoon on the couch, at the same time as Avery's nap
  • proven how inflexible you are with your schedule. Easy baby, yes, but you like your afternoon naptime and your bedtime. Avery was the MOST flexible baby ever and slept anywhere and went everywhere
  • had a bad case of skin stuff - you have such sensitive skin and it's always flaring up
  • grown more hair and it sticks up all over the place. It's so soft and fuzzy. 
  • attended your first wedding, that of Aunt Lela and Uncle Josh (well, second, but you were about the size of a sunflower seed back in January)
I pray that 2012 brings a little more motivation to take pictures and keep up with your developments. I'm sorry that I haven't been documenting all of this for you, but I'm enjoying everything as it comes and marveling at everything you do. 

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