Thursday, January 12, 2012


Daily I become more appreciative of the family I have. The family I grew up with, the family I married into, the friends I call family. So many trials have come my way recently; 2012 is quickly becoming just as hard as 2011, but God in His great mercy has blessed me with this family.

The girls and I are visiting my mom, and my sister Michelle is here this week too while her hubby works in Houston, so I get lots of snuggle time with my cutie little nephew Grayson (who will be a month old in just a few days!).

The girls are having a blast. Avery loves coming to Nonnie's house, and Eleanor is just always happy. We spent an afternoon with my grandparents so they could meet Grayson for the first time, and my grandma loves to hold those babies as long as possible. Grandpa got some good cuddle time too, until Eleanor decided to poop on him. And what a poop it was! All the way up the backside and around onto her tummy by the time I wrestled the shirt off of her.

Aves, Eleanor, and I also spent a day with my in-laws before my FIL flew back to Africa for work. The cousins came over, and they are so good at loving on my two girls and keeping the toddler entertained. I don't really see Avery for a couple hours when they come over. It's AWESOME. :) Plus, my arms got a break from Tiny Love, who wants to be held all the time, as she got some good snuggle time/a nap with Aunt Haley and Nana.

raspberries from cousin Peyton

funny little Emily

Peyton is AWESOME with babies and with Avery. 

Oh look! Smiling during tummy time! This is rare.

carseat parking

baby Grayson meeting his great-gramma

Nonnie and Eleanor

close cousins - Grayson almost 1 month, Eleanor 4 months

Grayson doesn't seem to be enjoying hanging out with Eleanor

photo blooper

hanging out with great-grandpa, until she pooped on him

Yes, that's poop. A lot of it.


EMU said...

Eleanor looks like she could eat Grayson for breakfast! It's amazing how fast they grow!

So sorry 2012 is starting off rough. I'd love to listen if you want to talk (or email! :))!

Michelle said...

Love the poop picture.....we've definitely our share of those too!

Haley said...

You got some great shots!! Beautiful!