Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Hiding Out

We've been keeping it home-bound for awhile, trying to stay afloat among the waves that keep crashing, but we're here and finding joy in the small things each day. Grief is a strange process.

Thankful for:
Eleanor, who grew 3 inches and 3 lbs in a month! She's now weighing in at 15-2 and is 26". Chunky little thighs are adorable! She is in 6 month clothes mostly, though I've gotten her in a few 9 months shirts. Long torso, short legs. Sorry kid. She is also in the bouncer playgym now, rolls all over the place, is being weaned from swaddling as I type, was sleeping better til I had to break the swaddle, took a bottle willingly for the first time last night, grabs for objects, can replace her paci, and loves Sophie the giraffe.

Avery, who narrates life. My life, her life, everybody's life. She's really into boogers right now. She also loves Dora and speaks in a mix of Spanish and English, plays pretend according to what she sees on Dora, and counts everything. She also reads all the letters on magazines, books, t-shirts, labels...if it has words on it, she's telling you what letters are there. And yes, she knows all 26 letters, plus some sounds. Smart girl. She hates the potty and won't potty train, though it's been stressful around here, so I'm not forcing it for fear of trauma and later regression. I might be potty-training both girls at the same time one day. Sigh.

Friends, who bring meals and plan playdates and listen and cry and pray. Especially thankful for friends or family who bring fro-yo.

Family, who simply surrounds and loves. And provides cute babies to cuddle.

Church, for the body of Christ who acts as the body of Christ should. You all are simply amazing.

Christ, for grace and acceptance and strength and hope and peace.

I read One Thousand Gifts last year, and instantly fell in love with it. I re-read it recently, and still love it, and this time I started my own gratitude journal. I'm not as faithful as I'd like to be in recording gifts, but my list is growing and I love to go back and see them all written down. They are a reminder that God cares for me in all things. Beauty is everywhere. An attitude of gratitude helps put us in a right relation with Him. "Us laid low. Before God on High." via

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