Monday, April 16, 2012

Conversations with Avery

While laying in bed, hands cradling her face, legs kicking idly in the air. I'm nursing Eleanor, and it's bedtime for both girls.
A: "Hey, is that your bob?" (now I think she's been saying brav - 5/14/12)
M: "My bob? Oh, do you mean my boobies? Or my bra?"
A: "Yes. Is Baby Eleanor getting milk from your boobies?"
M: "Yes, she's getting milk from my boobies."
A: "Is she going to get more milk from your boobies?"
M: "Yes."
A: [thinking for a second] "That is sooooo yummy!"

blankets are still blanklets

Today, while running up and down the couch, she kept yelling "eaty-up, eaty-up, eaty-up!" I suppose she meant giddy-up.

necklace comes out as "nicholas" most times, and Eleanor is often "Illinois" or "Hellenor"

to her new doll, whispered, "Stay awake. [kiss] Goodnight! I love you! I'll be back soon!"

to Eleanor, who is crying in the car, "It's ok, Baby Eleanor, we're almost there."

During potty training, while sitting in a fitting room nursing Eleanor, Avery turns to me and says, "I peed just a little bit." I yanked Eleanor off so quickly, grabbed the girls and fled to the bathroom.

And two more, just tonight:
Luke walks in the door from work with his messenger bag slung over his shoulder.
"Daddy, do you got your shoulder-purse?"

Digging around in my wallet, she found quarters. She handed one to Daddy, one to Mommy, one to Avery.
"There, now all the ladies have money."
Luke: "I'm not a lady!"
Avery: "Are you a people?"
Luke: "I'm a man."
Avery: "Are you a me-an?" [giggle]
Luke: [points to himself] "I'm THE man."
Avery: "Do you gotta man on your tummy?"

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