Monday, April 16, 2012

It's [Her] Party and I'll Cry if I Want To

We had a small birthday party for Avery this past weekend at a nearby park with Avery's main kid crew (and my main crew too...isn't that why parents have birthday parties for toddlers anyways?). I would have loved to have made this into a HUGE shindig so that my Round Rock friends could meet my church friends, but mentally I just didn't have it in me, and it ended up being a good thing because the wind DESTROYED the party. You'll notice that there are zero decorations, because the wind blew everything away before the party even started. Half of it ended up in the trashcan, and the rest back in the boxes that we brought it all in. It's funny, now, but my friends walked into a scene with me crying at the picnic table. It's amazing how stress  can culminate into a breakdown at a 3-year-old's birthday party. I thank God for friends like these who simply hug me and make me laugh and don't judge me, because they know why I might react this way.

Of course the kids had a blast, and I walked away from this learning a lot, that it's not about the theme (April Showers Bring May Flowers) or the decorations or the perfect weather. It's about the joy on my daughter's face from being with her friends and outside playing and having cake. Thank you to my husband who made me stop and notice it.
the party guests - Avery's best buddies close to home

puddle cupcakes, a pinterest find, with seven minute frosting that tasted like marshmallows

marshmallow pops, like storm clouds and happy-day clouds

Eleanor's boyfriend, Titus. He's a month older than she is. Eleanor's in-utero best friend was also present at the party - sweet Lyla, who is 6 weeks older. 

meet Skyler: this is Avery's best friend, according to Avery (see here)

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