Monday, April 09, 2012

Lenten Adventures

I bet you're curious as to what we've been up to for the past 7 weeks, aren't ya? I decided to give up social media for Lent, which included the blog, Google reader, facebook, twitter, and my ultimate weakness, pinterest. Giving up mindless browsing was a great way to quiet my heart in this season, something I was very much in need of.

So, how did we fill our time?

Week 1 We took a trip into Houston to see VeggieTales LIVE! Avery loved it, and kept asking if they were going to sing one more song. We also began watching my nephew, Grayson, every weekday. He's such a sweet little guy! The girls love having him around. Avery gives him kisses, and Eleanor tries to eat him.

Week 2 We began week 2 of Lent with a trip to Bible study with all three of the kids. I had everyone ready on time, and while loading the car, we got a visitor in the apartment. Avery pointed and said, "What's that, Mommy, by the door?" Um, well, that's a ferret. Yes, a FERRET. A very mangy looking ferret. In my apartment. And try as I might, I could not shoo the darn thing out the door. He bolted behind the couch, explored the kitchen, went under the dishwasher, and then ran to the girls' room. I called the apartment office and asked if they could send maintenance over to help me catch it. Turns out it belongs to the new neighbors down a few doors...the teenage neighbors that are helping prompt us to move this summer.

Week 3 Avery had her first dentist appointment, in which she let them brush her teeth but refused the flossing, and we got a partial of one x-ray. Eleanor also turned 6 months old! I started her on solids that weekend, beginning with avocado.

Week 4 Our biggest adventure of Lent, potty training Avery! Waiting until she was almost 3 to really go for it (after 2 failed attempts and not much heart in the effort) meant she essentially trained herself. It.was.awesome! We were even at the mall on day 2 of potty training. She has had a total of 4 real accidents in a month's time span, and none of them in public. We also had Spring Break (only significant because Grayson wasn't with us that week), colds, and ended the week with the birth of a new niece/cousin. Eleanor is sitting on her own and is pulling herself into that position. She started that by pulling on her pant legs and hiking herself into the sitting position from laying on her side...too funny!

Week 5 We went to visit Sophie, my new niece and cousin to the girls! She is such a pretty little sweetheart, and we can't wait to get back to see her again. Avery loved looking at her photos and would stroke her face in the pics and say, "I love Sophie." I hope the girls all grow up to be good friends one day. While in Houston meeting Sophie, our niece Lucy was born to Luke's brother and sister-in-law, so I got to meet her as well. Our families are raining babies these days!
Avery with some early Easter candy and a slice of bread. She associates Aunt Julie with bread and always asks for some when we go visit.

sweet Sophie, held by my grandma. 
the quilt I made for Sophie - a flannel rag quilt
photo of all the cousins with their mommas - too many cameras meant we were all looking in different directions

Week 6 Avery turned 3 years old! We had a small dinner for her with cake and presents and the company of my sister and her family. Her birthday party is this coming weekend, just a small affair with a few close friends who live close to us. Eleanor transitioned from an army-crawl to full-on crawling, and now she's into everything.

Week 7 A trip to Round Top with my sisters and mom and the babies, and Eleanor is now trying to pull up on things. Today it's Avery's tricycle and her crib rails. Lowering the crib, again. She's hitting these milestones too quickly for me! We also celebrated Easter Sunday and the baptism of Eleanor, and yesterday was a day of celebration for our family for many, many reasons.

I prayed for happy babies with no separation anxiety all morning. I forgot to pray that she wouldn't poop in her white dress, but we escaped any horror stories!

Grayson's turn! He tried to take his mom's hair with him. And notice Avery in the background. Luke said she kept patting and stroking his face during the baptisms. I also noticed that she was singing what I think was Father Abraham, complete with hand motions.

he didn't cry at all, but was shocked at the first application of water
my sister set up an Easter egg hunt for Avery on Sunday afternoon, and we've been hiding eggs for her  over and over  after this event

Eleanor's reaction to grass...not a fan

E is still not a fan

sweet sisters

checking out her loot...some stickers, M&Ms, coins, and later came some green money and some necklaces

me and my favorite youngest child. I'm never in the photos, since I take them, so I made Luke snap one of us

And, a bit of trivia. I have 1,953 unread items in my Google reader as of 2:15 pm today. I have a few more posts coming, for Eleanor's 6 and 7 months and Avery's 3rd birthday. It might take me all week to get them done, but check back soon!


EMU said...

I love this post...for so many reasons!

And um, CRAWLING??? PULLING UP? ALREADY? Eleanor is leaving her buddy Lu in the dust! Lu ain't about to move anywhere...even decided she'd stop rolling. Guess that was too exhausting...

Meghann said...

I know it! I keep telling her to slow it down. I can't keep up with her, and I'm mourning the loss of my tiny baby! Lu isn't in any danger of swallowing Bop's tiny toys then, if she isn't getting to them. You can breathe easier than I can!

Michelle said...

Glad to have you back....but I hope the break was good for your heart and mind.

Kelly Mann said...

So glad to have you back, Meggie! What a great recap, and make Eleanor stop growing up!!!!! :( She needs to still be a "baby" when my baby comes! haha!

miss you, can't wait to see you again!