Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Things She Asks

A long time ago, I started pointing out things that God made to Avery while we're driving around town. I'd ask her, "Who made the sky, the grass, the leaves, the birds....?" She would never respond, but I'd bring it up periodically. This week it's opened up conversation between us in HUGE ways. I am in awe of this age and the way her mind works and the things that are taking root. It reminds me that we should be ever diligent in implanting in our children truth, even if the fruit isn't apparent immediately.

While driving to church on Sunday, she began telling me and asking me what God made.
"Did God make the birds?"
...the grass?
...the water?
...the clouds in the sky?
...the cars?
...baby Eleanor's carseat?

which led to a "yes, but" statement on my part, explaining how God made the materials for our car and the carseats and gave people brains to think how to make them. A lesson in nature versus manufacturing that I assumed was over her head. Yesterday, she told her Aunt Shell that God made the "terials" for her carseat and Eleanor's carseat.

This then led to our conversation this morning. The logic in her brain is astounding sometimes. Since God makes things, did God make me (Mommy) sad? She had seen me crying yesterday, and I guess it was still bothering her today. And then, does she make Mommy sad? What a reminder to sit down and remind her how much I love her and how much more so God loves her and Mommy. That sometimes people get sad, but she makes me happy (insert reminder that disobedience makes Mommy sad!), and that God makes me happy. He makes me feel better.

A short, simplistic conversation, but seeds are being planted, and today I am grateful.

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EMU said...

Love it! Love her!