Wednesday, June 06, 2012

First Dance Class

catching Avery before she ran off, again

Ms. Julie brought Avery to the front of the line so that she could keep an eye on her 
had to hold her hand because she wouldn't stay in line...are you sensing a theme here?

Avery had her very first dance class tonight! We're doing a short summer session to introduce her to dance, and if she likes it, we'll continue in the fall. The class is a combo of ballet and tap for 3 and 4 year olds, and she's taking it with her friend T. All of the other kids in the class listened well and followed instructions and mimicked the teacher's actions. Avery, on the other hand, spun around and watched herself in the mirror and ran off and picked her nose and slid around on her belly. When Ms. Julie wasn't giving instructions to the class, she was telling Avery to sit back down or stand in her spot or to pay attention. Oh goodness, I have THAT child!

She seemed to have a lot of fun, and she tried hard to pay attention, but the wiggles are strong in her, and she just was enamored with that huge mirror. I'm hoping that she will learn to follow instructions and to listen and to be still, even if she never learns to dance. :)


Jo said...

That is so funny! Laura used to have periods where she would cry to go into the studio, and cry if I left her there, and then cry if I tried to make her leave. It was great!

Kristen said...

annie was SUPER distracted by the giant mirror at first too. she looks so cute in her dance outfit!