Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Musings

I missed last Monday's post due to VACATION. And not just any vacation, but a mom-vacation, as in, no kids, no husband. Just me, myself, and 9 other ladies. I'll post separately when I can get all of the photos in order.

In the meantime, some random thoughts in the vein of traveling:

  • When leaving Texas, it gets prettier and prettier on the drive. The same cannot be said for the return drive. It's just uglier and uglier until we arrive back home. 
  • There is a Chuy's in Bowling Green, Kentucky. This baffles me.
  • If I were wealthy, I would buy a lakehouse, a houseboat, and other water vehicles. I would not buy a beachhouse, because I don't like salt water. 
  • I love how the Southern accents differ so drastically from state to state. 
  • While other states might be prettier, I tend to still feel Texas pride and think my state is superior. Perhaps it's just because I'm comfortable with home. Or maybe Texas is awesome. Except in summer. I'll trade summer with someone.
  • When there are no kids in the car, you get a lot of reading done. When there are no kids anywhere for an entire week, you get a whole heckuvalotta reading done. (And FYI - my spell checker is suggesting that I change my made up word to "tablecloth". That was the closest recommendation.)
  • We've come a long way from road-trips of my childhood, where I can log onto wi-fi in the car and make a hotel reservation while traveling 80 mph down I-40. Yes, I was in the passenger seat. I'm not that talented to do it while driving.
  • Vacation is nice, but home is better.
  • Returning home from vacation where the kids have not been around Mom for a whole week can prove interesting. For example, Avery threw an outright tantrum in the service at church yesterday. I couldn't get out of there fast enough, and I had her precariously hanging under one arm while wielding a purse and Eleanor in the Ergo. Thankfully we were behind the dividers so the entire congregation didn't see who it was.
So glad to be home with my family!! 

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