Sunday, September 09, 2012

12 Months. One Year. ONE!

Look who's no longer "less than 1"...our sweet baby Eleanor! And she's almost no longer a baby - she's outgrowing that way too quickly.

This past month:

  • climbing, climbing, climbing
  • took her first steps!! She will walk up to 4 steps at a time, usually when she's agitated and trying to get to me, or if there is a toy that she really wants that I hold out of her reach to make her walk. Crawling is still her main mode of transportation, and she's really fast at it, so I think real walking might be a ways off. 
  • started saying ma-ma. I think she's also said "nigh-nigh" a few times and "ah-da" (all done) once. 
  • quietly talk to yourself sometimes, and shriek when you're really excited, but most of the time you are pretty quiet
  • tried some spicy mac n cheese and ate all of it, as well as some spicy soba noodles
  • still a champion eater, though she does show preferences.
  • showed almost zero interest in birthday cake. She is the complete opposite of Avery, who has the biggest sweet tooth. Eleanor picked at the sprinkles on her cake, smooshed the cake a little bit, and then gave up on it
  • cut 2 more teeth, for a grand total of three! She's been happier since those two came in, and she is so fun right now! She's also working on a fourth tooth, but it doesn't seem to bother her as much this time.
  • claps frequently and waved for the first time last week when a guy at Chick-fil-a kept making faces at her. 
  • plays independently so well that I frequently have to wander around a bit to find her.
  • cries when Daddy leaves for work and demands that he pick her up immediately upon his return at the end of the day. He barely has time to put his keys and bag down.
  • still has separation anxiety
  • we're easing back into cloth diapers. We were in survival mode for so long, but I'm ready to start them again. I miss the diaper sprayer though - our toilet doesn't seem to want it to be hooked up, and neither of us know how to work around that problem. 
  • is fascinated by the trash can. So glad I can lock it.
  • has started to reject the morning nap. I'd say we're successful at getting her down for two naps a day roughly half the week. I'm holding onto it for now, but honestly, it is easier if we don't have to schedule around the morning nap. This transition is just happening SO much earlier than it did with Avery. 
  • moves her hands in a very distinct way. I have no idea how to describe this. It's almost like she's signing "milk", but it's not because she's asking for milk. She just does it kind of off-handedly (no pun intended). 
We love you, Tiny Love!!

(okay, picture fail - no 12 month photos yet because I haven't taken them off the camera and I have to post this before midnight. I'd be terrible as a professional blogger.)

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