Sunday, September 02, 2012

Conversations with Avery

My sister and I took the kids out for lunch one day. We had Texadelphia, and everyone knows that cheese-steaks are yummy and delicious and have bits of chopped meat. Avery stuck her hand out to Aunt Michelle, said, "Can you please take this?" (it's common knowledge that Avery hates meat as well), and handed it over to my sister. Michelle grabbed the piece from Avery without really looking at it, only to discover it was actually a big BOOGER stuck to her finger, not a bit of meat. She shuddered with disgust, started laughing, and cried, "I'm such a novice mom!" She'll learn one day.

One night Avery got in trouble for screaming at me. Luke told her that she needed to apologize to me, telling her how sad and hurt it made me to have her speak that way. She walked up to me, her eyes nearly watering, and asked, "Mommy, do you have a broken heart? I am sorry for screaming at you. I love you!" Oh, melt my heart. She can be so difficult and then so awesome. I love that kid.

She is learning to tell time. We're impressed with how often she gets the time correct.

In the car, singing: "The B-I-B-L-E, yes that's the book for me. I stand alone (on the Word of God), the B-I-B-L-E." She gets the song a bit jumbled there in the middle sometimes. She then asked each one of us to sing it. And then for Eleanor to sing it. We explained that Eleanor couldn't sing it yet, so Avery sang it for her.
"The B-I-B-L-E, Eleanor, yes that's the book for me, Eleanor. I stand alone on the Word of God, Eleanor. The B-I-B-L-E, Eleanor!"

She recognizes songs more and more, especially ones from her kids' music that they also sing at church, so she is always asking if this is a song "like they sing in Bible study?" I love how wonderful our children's program is!

She is also a fan of "10,000 Reasons", as is Mommy, and she loves when it comes on the radio.

When asked who her favorite aunt was, Aunt Haley or Aunt Lela (Luke's sisters), she looked back and forth at them and answered, "Aunt Haley!" This is huge, because Avery as a baby was scared of Aunt Haley. Hard-won victory there.

A typical trip to the bathroom used to go like this:
Avery announces that she has to go, and takes herself. "No, don't come in!"
I wait nearby in case she needs help. She then yells for me to come help with some aspect of it - sometimes it's turning a light on, or helping her get clothes up or down, or wiping depending on 1 or 2, to which she then points and announces if it's 2, then "Go away! Don't help me!" She finishes and may or may not need help with hand-washing or lights, and I can be in and out of that bathroom half a dozen times depending on what she did in there, what she is wearing, and if there is a stool or not. She's such an interesting mix of dependence and independence these days. Lately, though, she's been able to go start to finish by herself with only a gentle reminder to wash her hands.

"Eleanor, no-no. I'm not your Mommy. I'm Avery Jane. And I'm dancing."

Having a conversation with me in the car, it gets pretty lengthy, when all of a sudden she says, "Mommy, are you done talking?" Well, I guess I am now!

When laughing with my great-aunt and my mom at something funny Avery had said, she looked at us and said, "What are you laughing about at me?" We explained that we were simply laughing at something cute she had said, not laughing at her. She put on a very serious face and pointed at my mom..."Nonnie!" We took that to mean "I know you'll tell me the truth, Nonnie, and you better do it right now!"

"Oh my gosh, that's terrible!" I still have no idea what was terrible.

Made-up conversations on her cell-phone (toy) with various people. Today it was Mrs. Grooms. I wonder what they talked about, since I only caught it at the very end of the conversation. :)

Lately she's been pushing hard for us to go eat at the "restauronk" more often. She loves to go out to eat.

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