Saturday, September 01, 2012

Happy 30th, Daddy!

Luke turned 30 last week, so we traveled to Houston for a surprise party his sister and I put together for him. It's hard to keep something a secret anyways, but keeping it a secret when you have to travel out of town for it with half the food, clothing for a weekend, and two kids - now that's work. But, I managed to pull it off, and we were able to celebrate with a simple family party. No pics of the rest of the fam, of course, because I never remember. But, Happy Birthday, Daddy! We hope this year and this next decade is full of blessings for you.

hooray! 30 is awesome! And Avery has her finger up her nose.
man cupcakes: maple cupcakes with milk chocolate ganache and candied bacon
cousin Kyleigh and Avery
cousins Peyton, Avery, and Kyleigh
even Eleanor got a mustache!
Uncle Aaron proving to us that Eleanor likes him. Avery was always terrified of him. 

Overall, a really good time. Lots of food. Lots of laughs. Almost-tattoos. Many mustaches and cute babies. Sometimes mustaches on cute babies. We missed having Lela and Josh and Luke's parents there - it is always hard to have family spread out.

We love you gobs and gobs, Daddy!

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