Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Musings

  • Potty incident: Avery poops and hops off the pot when finished, Eleanor drops a box of raisins in the toilet, I have to fish it out, toss them in the trashcan, turn around to wash my hands, and then look back to see Eleanor trying to grab the poop.
  • Two days later, Eleanor crawls in with a box of raisins. I almost opened them to give to her, but a light clicked on in my brain, and I ran back to the bathroom to check. Sure enough, the trashcan was toppled over and toilet paper was everywhere. These were the poop raisins.
  • Avery started dance again today, and there is a world of difference between now and her very first class. We switched studios, and I am loving it. It's a full hour of non-stop moving, whereas the last studio had too much downtime which made it hard for the kids to stay focused. Avery is also more confident and has a friend in class with her which helps put her at ease. She was one of the most spirited girls in there towards the end - not out of control, just very enthusiastic about each step.
  • We're trying to phase out diapers for naps and bedtime. We forgot to put one on her two nights ago, and she woke up dry. We've survived two naptimes (dry), and last night I woke her up before I went to bed, but sometime between midnight and 7, she had an accident. We're trying again tonight. I think she just uses the diaper because it happens to be there, but she doesn't really need it. We'll see how it goes for a week or two. 
  • Eleanor is getting better at walking each day! It's still mostly only a step or two at a time, but I've seen her take a step on her own before lunging for the furniture, when it used to be only under extreme duress because I was dangling a toy in front of her.
  • Avery has a shopping cart at home, and one at Nonnie's house. Last weekend at Nonnie's, it flipped and we found her stuck on the underside, dangling in the air caught between the wheels. This week she did it again at home, only this time her face caught the handlebar as it flipped over. Not so funny this time - poor girl! It took awhile to comfort her. I've parked the shopping carts for awhile.
  • Eleanor is a big climber, and she's so creative at figuring out how to get up on the couches. Today she pulled a basket to the couch, flipped it over, and stepped up on it. She then used my knee and Luke's face as step-stools too. 
  • I read recently that mothers get a significant percentage less sleep than fathers. This is absolutely true. I need to find the article.
  • We put a bunch of pictures up at Eleanor's birthday party, including some of me pregnant. Avery turned to me, touched my belly, and asked who was in there. I'm going to say that it was probably because of the photos, but perhaps I need to exercise a bit more. Or at all. 

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