Saturday, September 15, 2012

Eleanor's Party

We celebrated her 1st with a super simple party. No theme. A third the size of Avery's first. Minimal decorations. No stress. She cried at first because of all of the people, but she warmed up to the crowd (sort-of). She honestly wasn't too involved in her own party and eventually went off to play in her room by herself. But, we had fun, she was celebrated, and now we can go enjoy her second year.

the invite, courtesy of Paperless Post, address blocked out :)

I cried when picking these out

My current favorite white cake recipe - vanilla bean, fancied up with plum compote and white chocolate buttercream. The frosting was underwhelming. But the cake was cute and simple.

brownies as favors; caption reads:
So glad you could come
to help us celebrate
Eleanor turning ONE!

cousins Peyton and Emily hard at work cooking 

Avery is very methodical in some things. Notice the cookies all lined up.

sis-in-law Julie, sis Michelle, me

Luke's grandma's banana pudding recipe

There are too many girls in this family. Luke didn't stand a chance.

ate a few sprinkles, and that was about it

not too impressed

last photo of her eating cake. this was all she had, and as messy as she got.

she's in love with her new shoes from Great-Great Aunt Mary (she's doubly great, though  we usually shorten it to Aunt Mary :)

I think she was a little stressed

the bigger girls helped open the gifts because Eleanor wasn't interested in that task

We got her a baby doll because she keeps stealing Avery's dolls. She'll have nothing to do with this one though. :/

Grayson eyeing the gifts

Aunt Haley getting some giggles out of her

her morning after look. 

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EMU said...

Love the red balloons and picture board! What a cutie!