Saturday, September 15, 2012

Quick Trip to Dallas

Schmaltz's, a Waco favorite
they've been cutting costs, apparently. their silverware shrunk.

tv built into the mirror - that's a first for us



this made me nervous

sloth - we were literally standing right below this guy

croc? gator? scary.

what a croc.

the otters were too fast to get a pic of with my phone, but check out those feet!

Daddy took a turn with the Ergo this time. What a treat for my back!

jellyfish. forgot to turn the flash off

flashlight fish. this is all we could see of them too.

some kind of spider crab? that's what we called it at least.

cleaning the tank. honestly not sure how he got in there , because it was probably only 4 feet deep (front wall to back wall) and he had to curl under the arch

we stopped at McD's on the way home (ugh, I know), and this greeted us on our way in. I hiked my skinny jeans up to meet dress code. Wouldn't want to get kicked out! 
Luke had a work event in Dallas this morning, so we tagged along, stayed at the Omni thanks to a group discount for work, did a bit of shopping (hello, H&M!) and visited the Dallas World Aquarium. We arrived after dark last night, so the hotel was lit up with lights that changed color every few seconds, which fascinated Avery to no end. She just stood at our window and watched the reflection on the other buildings. Really enjoyed this hotel - I always compare to the Four Seasons after working there. I'd still say Four Seasons is superior, but the customer service was excellent, they made Avery feel special with their kids' pack, and children 5 and under eat free.

Traveling with children is always an adventure. Especially when you get a small room. Luke took Avery to explore the hotel while I put Eleanor down, and then I hid in the bathroom so that she would actually fall asleep. At least there was a tv in my mirror. Phew. Eleanor woke up a little before her usual time to nurse, but then refused to go back to her bed, so she came to bed with me. That girl cuddles well, although I didn't really sleep for the next 3 hours. So, we all got up at 6 and enjoyed breakfast together downstairs.

Luke left for work, and we went back upstairs to pack and try and get E to take a nap. I ended up holding her while she slept for 45 minutes in my arms. Avery was awesome and played quietly while watching some cartoons - we never do regular tv at home b/c I hate for her to be exposed to commercials, but I was desperate.

Off to find the H&M in town. Oh the memories of NYC it brought back. Lunch, pick up Luke, and then off to the Aquarium, where both girls decided to have meltdowns and we rushed through most of it, determined to make it to the shark exhibit. That was A's favorite, so she and I went back in (after she calmed down from meltdown #45). Luke and I learned that the girls aren't ready for afternoon adventures yet. Naps still need to happen.

All in all, a fun half of the weekend with our whirlwind trip, but we're glad to be home and to have a day of rest tomorrow.

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