Monday, October 08, 2012

Monday Musings

Man, things happen around here on Mondays just so I have something to write about.

After the dumping of trash into the toilet by the 1 year old last Monday, combined with a 3 year old who uses the potty regularly, we had to have maintenance come fix it because our plunging efforts failed. They brought out some kind of scary looking 6 foot pole thing. On the upside, I got them to change out the line for me so that we could hook up our diaper sprayer!

Eleanor also experimented with Lysol today. We spent the next 15 minutes flushing her eyes out (in which I had to climb in the bathtub with her, after I saw her squat and pee in it...I later amended my technique to sink-side, duh) and then I had to try and get juice down her, which she refused because I had traumatized her with eye-flushing. Or maybe she just preferred the taste of Lysol? Sigh. I have never felt so horrible, because it's absolutely my fault that she could even reach it. That can has been BANISHED to the top shelf, along with everything else I could find, and if you get sick at my house, it's because I've quit cleaning because I can't reach anything anymore.

No dance today because of Columbus Day (the holiday I never remember), so we played at Barnes at the train and lego tables with our dance friend T, her siblings, and her mama. Kids played, we drank coffee. Nice way to spend the morning!

Avery is spending nap time singing to herself and playing make-believe. Last week she only had two naps all week. Sigh. Is this the end of naptime? At least we have quiet time everyday, where she's in her room for a couple hours. Signs of her growing up. *sniffle*

Crazy fun weekend! I'll do a separate post, but it involved chalk and a (food) trailer park. Suburban Round Rock's not so bad!

Crazy fun week! It was Round Top week! I scored some nice finds and walked my poor little feet to the end of their capabilities, sorting through junk to find good treasures. The girls were awesome on Wednesday, as were their baby cousins. We didn't see as much as we could have without the babies, but we had fun. Avery-girl showed off her dancing moves on the stage at lunch. I learned that she knows how to waggle her hips. I also learned that her shyness with strangers doesn't extend to performing in front of strangers - not a lick of stage fright in her! Thursday I hit up Round Top adult-style with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law, and we scored big.

Struggling with discontentment - my usual vice.

No pics because I haven't uploaded them yet. It's my least favorite part of the blogging process. Uploading them, that is. I like having them on the posts.

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