Friday, November 02, 2012

It's Not A Glamorous Life

 Today, I'm thankful that God uses my children to sanctify me - what better way to grow in grace than through precious faces like these? I'm also thankful that I can (sometimes) laugh at the curveballs these girls throw my way, especially when it's been a hard week, or month, or year, or more. Maybe she writes all over her face with pen the day before a funeral. Pray it comes off.

3 days later, she did it again

Maybe the little one has the world's biggest blowout in her carseat, and you and the hubby stand in the middle of a parking lot, cleaning the baby and the car up for the next 20 minutes, laughing too hard to get the poop off efficiently, because the only alternative is to cry and yell, and that certainly doesn't make the poop go away any quicker. I'm the mom that grabs the camera when chaos erupts, not because I want to embarrass my children later in life, but because these are the events that I look back on and smile at, because I'm reminded that I was able to laugh in the moment, snuggle my baby no matter how badly she smelled, and to simply enjoy this crazy journey of motherhood. It's not a glamorous life, but it's my favorite way to spend it.

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