Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Holidays, Part 1

Straight from New Mexico (with a brief stop in Austin to pick up Christmas gifts) to Houston. A couple days with my mom, who had the girls, and then to Luke's parents' house for Christmas Eve/Christmas. All of Luke's siblings spent the night, so the girls had cousins galore to play with. Christmas Eve service at their church, home for his mom's annual Christmas Eve salmon and broccoli soup (it's yum!), waiting for the older kids to fall asleep, and then mass scrambling to put out the presents. The next morning, crazy fun ensues as paper goes flying and kids exclaim with excitement. Avery was just too sweet - most of her presents were at the bottom of the pile, but she just sat there, waiting patiently. Day after Christmas we went to my mom's house to celebrate with my side of the family, and it's so fun to have so many babies around!
was so happy to be home eating breakfast with this monkey again

shoes on, all the time, even over footie pjs

loving Nana's Christmas chair

a game of Risk

blurry, but I just love that grin

adore these jammies

playing hide-n-seek - Avery always hides in plain sight and giggles the whole time

beautiful girls in their Christmas dresses

Christmas Eve service with Emily

with Peyton

sweet baby Lucy

annual Christmas Eve gift - new pjs. Avery was a little disappointed that it wasn't something cooler. She'll catch on in a few years that it's ALWAYS pjs.
Christmas photos part 2 to come later - I have to find them first!

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