Monday, December 31, 2012

Time Away

Luke and I were blessed with a week (A WEEK!) away. We traveled to Ruidoso, NM, where my parents have a time-share in the mountains. We borrowed the cabin this year while Mom watched the girls for us. We got to sleep in, go out to eat, read, relax, be away from home from the hours of 1 to 4 pm...oh the joys of a few days with no children.

We had such a great week together, something we really needed at the end of a long year. And my mom is a saint, because both girls had double-ear infections.


hiking in Lincoln National Forest

Luke mocking me on our hike - I'm a little out of shape 

our project for the week, the girls' Christmas present

stopped in Abilene on the way home to meet sweet baby Hudson and visit with one of my favorite gals

wind farms way off in the distance - I love these

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EMU said...

So glad you got this time away. Looks gorgeous!