Thursday, December 13, 2012


Catching up a bit before life gets crazy with Christmas vacation and traveling. A quiet Thanksgiving this year, just me and my crew at Mom's, along with my Uncle Jeremiah. On a side note, my sisters and I couldn't pronounce Jeremiah when we were kids, so he has forever been known as "Uncle". Avery, however, can say his name perfectly. Of course she can. And Eleanor was so enamored with him. She usually fusses around new people, but she walked right up to him and held her arms up, asking him to hold her. They hung out So so cute!

Everyone in my family is partial to my mom's cooking for Thanksgiving, and it just never feels like a proper holiday without her food. So, I'm thankful that I got to enjoy it this year. :) After dinner we went to my grandparents' house for dessert.

Thankful for those who have walked a hard road with me this year.
Thankful for my husband, who has picked up the slack at home when I need it most.
Thankful for my daughters, who make me laugh.
Thankful for my extended family, simply for being who they are.
Thankful for a church body who has lived out the call of the body of Christ in my life.
Thankful for the times when God has moved mightily.
Thankful for the times when God has moved in small ways.
Thankful for the times when God has moved silently.

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