Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bumpdates, Weeks 12-15

15 Weeks - garage sale and then accident that weekend, so never managed to get a pic

And also - I need to flip these pics and take future ones facing the other direction. Mentally, it's weird to see a progression of growth going to the left.

The arrival of the second trimester was such a welcome blessing. More energy and the nausea is gone. I'm showing so much earlier this time around, to the point where one lady raised her eyebrows when I told her how far along I am. 

Sleep is hard to come by already - I don't remember it being this hard to get a good night's sleep this early on. 

I'm sort of in maternity clothes, which I really thought I'd fully be in by now. Maternity pants fall frequently, but most of my regular pants are too tight. I always look like the letter "S" when pregnant, so I'm not happy with most of my wardrobe choices. 

And, as early as it is, I've started feeling the baby move. Not the tap-tap-tap that is so easy to recognize at first, but a weird turning in my lower abdomen. Thankful for this sweet gift, since I started feeling that before the accident, last week, and then have felt it since the accident as well. 

Brainstorming nursery ideas, but won't put anything into action til after Christmas. Girls will share a room again, like they did last year, since their sleep habits are more or less in line now. This will hopefully let them keep sleeping when the baby is up and down all night. 

Looking forward to the rest of this trimester - this is when pregnancy is fun.

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jrandchels said...

Congrats, again! You're looking great!