Saturday, December 21, 2013


With 5 kids in my family, and all of us with families, it's hard to coordinate all of our schedules, so this year we picked a random weekend between Thanksgiving and Christmas to get together. Family Thanksmas was last weekend at my sister's house. Lots of celebrating, because this also fell on my nephew's 2nd birthday.

Avery at the ready to help open presents if needed

Ransom checking out Grayson's loot

4 of 5 cousins

Thanksmas brunch!

Bri is sporting some spiffy new glasses. We decided that she pulled off the thick glasses and plaid better than my husband (see pic below)

Dane and Ransom; Luke and Eleanor

kid table

Sophie will get to join the kid table next year!

Elmo!! She couldn't wait for me to get him out of the box.

This girl was BEYOND excited over her new headband and Disney Fairy set

When I see this picture, all I can think of is this:

Cousin pic - Grayson and Eleanor were napping. And, happens to be the only pic of my brother. I'm such a bad photographer. Missed the other brother entirely, plus about half of the family. Sheesh.

The best we could get.

Ransom snuggles so well.

Luke testing out his new sleeping bag

Grayson practicing being a big brother. Not much longer now!

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