Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Christmas Travels

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we had 4 trips, about one every week. Next year we're staying home, because this just wore.me.out. While all of the extra time with extended family was wonderful, I'm ready to be home over the holidays with my own little crew and start our own traditions.

Christmas week was a busy one all by itself, back and forth for family pictures, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day festivities, and catching both sides of the family. I'll let the pictures tell the story this time, in no particular order.

Checking out Christmas lights before we left for the holidays. (And I have NO idea why my picture is flashing. Crazy Google.)

Riding her new bike from Nonnie. Though really, she's too short for it still and is just posing here. 

Christmas brunch and presents at Great-Grandma's

Great-Great-Uncle Dan helping Eleanor with her new tools. 

Avery could not wait to open presents. We went to so many different houses with presents that she woke up the day after Christmas asking which house we were going to next for presents. Sheesh. 

Avery and my gramma - love that they get to spend time together

My grandpa helping Eleanor with something...Easter eggs I think.

She was in such a grumpy mood, but snuggles from Pap-paw make everything better.

Checking out Avery's new desk. I love how excited Eleanor is over this!

Fighting over the chair.

"Udside down!"
Glad Eleanor is smiling here. Just wait til you see her a few pics down.

The mustache is terrible. So glad it's gone! (Sorry honey, I still love you tons!)

Luke's dad kept telling everyone to pose like a model and would show us how to do it. Glad the photographer caught this shot!

Eleanor. Oh sweet Eleanor. No nap and it was dinnertime.

All of the Presleys

Nana and Pap-paw with their grandkids. Eleanor is TICKED.

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