Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Photo Dump

practicing her trumpet-playing skills with wrapping paper

mopping day makes for new playscapes for Eleanor. She worked her way down the whole row of stools and back again.
I think she likes donuts.
This girl ADORES stickers. No wall or piece of furniture is safe. And she still falls asleep with a bed full of toys and the lights on. 

A gag cake (well, real cake that was really delicious) for one of the pastors at church during staff meeting. Made by moi.

9 weeks and 28 weeks along. More cousins!

Goofing around at dinner one night. Mommy had a craving for Kerbey Lane pancakes. 

As my sister-in-law so aptly put it - "She's not afraid of a pattern." We've been letting her pick out her own clothes in an effort to reinforce her efforts to get dressed by herself.

Eleanor had her first haircut. She left the salon with a sassy new bob and a lollipop. Only a few tears, thankfully. 

Big sister getting a trim. Can't even tell a difference, but it helped her get over her fear of the hair salon.

A junk food treat, because we all needed out of the house. 

Avery's tall tower (I think she said it was a diving board), with an Eleanor photobomb.

Eleanor's first bubble bath.

gorgeous weather this January. Lots of outside time.

practicing her princess dancing

Eleanor has been working on puzzles NONSTOP since Christmas. It's the first thing she asks to do every day.

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Adam Cutts said...

Love your photo dumb!! And, you are a brave mom for her stickers everywhere. There are many things I can handle but peeling stickers off the wall just might throw me over the edge. :)