Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Bumpdate, Weeks 31-35

  • Still feeling good! I'm so thankful for an "easy" pregnancy. When I passed 33 weeks, I breathed a sigh of relief that I wasn't on bed rest this time around or spending a weekend in the hospital because of a bleeding scare. 
  • Looks like I grew quite a bit between 31 and 33 weeks, and again between 33 and 34. Week 35 looks a bit lower, and feels a bit lower to me too. 
  • Active baby! At my last appointment, the midwife felt around, found the position of the baby, and before she could put the doppler on to listen to the heartbeat, the baby had flipped sides and she had to find him/her again. 
  • Nesting continues. Working on a quilt for the baby and finishing the nursery. Haven't hit the 'crazy' yet (though if you ask my husband, he might disagree). My to-do list grows faster than I can check items off. 
  • My mother-in-law is amazing and spent a week with us, helping me paint the nursery and the dresser and cabinet. The dresser is finished; the cabinet needs new hardware still.
  • Meeting with my doula in the next week or two - it's officially time to start counting down!
  • Still no name for either gender. 
  • Sleep is hard to come by - insomnia strikes again.
  • Maternity isn't fitting as well this time. Many of my shirts are already too short, but I am about the same size as I was with Eleanor. I wonder if I'm carrying lower, and that's the issue?? I've gained a bit more this time than last but not as much as my first pregnancy, so I'm curious to see how the birth weights differ between all of my babies. 
  • Eager to meet this baby!

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