Monday, June 02, 2014

Week 1

A photo dump of Jack's first week. I have so many photos I want to include, so I'll have to break his first month up over a few posts. We had a lot of visitors come to the hospital to meet our sweet boy! So thankful for those who love and care about us so much.

first bath

our Mrs. K!

my mom introducing Eleanor and Jack

Avery dressed up for the occasion (please notice her earring) and Eleanor was a little shy.

my dad meeting Jack - he just happened to be in town for a work conference. So convenient!

Aunt Julie drove in for the day. Sweet cousin Davey will join us in a couple months!

My dear friend and birth photographer Erin, back for some baby snuggles and a few more pics. Plus, she's such a Baby Whisperer. 

Nana drove in with Aunt Haley and cousins Peyton and Emily

Like any good first-time third-time parents, we forgot the newborn inserts for the car seat.

Chrishaun, our first visitor at home

Aunt Lela!

Mary Jane brought us a meal and came to snuggle Jack

sweet cousin Paisley

first sponge bath at home

Crystal and Analise stopped by for just a minute - they had been on vacation and then sick, so they finally got to come when he was a week old.

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