Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I haven't simply rambled on here in a long time, but I wanted to document our daily life now that we have Jack. People often ask me how the transition to three kids has gone, if we're getting sleep, do I love it, etc. The answer to those, in order: well enough, no, yes.

The transition was hard, mind-boggling hard, the first 4-6 weeks. This was due in part to recovering physically, partly to lack of sleep, and partly due to Jack's tummy issues. He needed to be held more than my other babies because he hurt. We had a lot of help from the grandmas which was a huge blessing, but I was missing out on time with my girls because he was so needy. Honestly, I was glad to pass the girls off to Luke or the grandmas and just focus on feeling better and taking care of Jack. Mentally, that was all I could handle. I'm thankful that I was able to do that.

We turned a corner around 6 weeks, and I felt like a real person again instead of a zombie. We have hard days for sure, but the girls are getting along better, Jack is sleeping well (or was, til this past week), we make it to dance class and Bible study and church every week. We even all get to the grocery store together most weeks, though sometimes I go in the evening by myself - I swear, that's like a vacation. We've spent just about every Friday at the library picking out new books because Avery is reading now.

I love how Jack has rounded out our family and how he fits in so well. I'm thankful that he's an easy-going baby. It's great to sit back and watch the bond that the three kids are forming, even now when he's still so little.

Am I thankful that we had a boy this time? Yes, but not because he's the prized prince, the long-awaited son. I would have been just as tickled to have another girl. It's just been fun to see the differences (already) in what a boy brings to our family dynamics. Plus, he's just about the happiest baby ever, so of course I'm delighted.

What do we struggle with now? Keeping up with laundry. Oh goodness, despite my highly organized laundry sorting system installed before he was born, we simply cannot keep up with it. Clothes EVERYWHERE. The girls change outfits multiple times a day and then end it by running around in just underwear. I can't keep track of what's still clean and what's dirty, and it all usually ends up wadded up on the laundry room floor.

Potty-training. Oh the super-glamorous messy side of parenting. I was going to do a separate post on this, but there isn't much to say. She decided to start all on her own, she rarely has a pee accident and every day has a poop accident. Poop presents are starting to give her the incentive needed to put it in the potty, but it's not a sure thing yet. Glad we have a diaper sprayer - comes in handy for more than just diapers now. I don't even stress when we run errands or are in the car for awhile because she's doing so well with it.

We went out of town two weekends ago, and I'm STILL trying to recover from that trip. But look at these sweet sisters, camping out on the air mattress together instead of on the actual bed.

There is always a balance to strike in being honest and not complaining. The days are long and I dream of being alone and having no one touch me or need me, but I love all of this.

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