Saturday, July 19, 2014

(Super) Ballerinas

In an effort to make sure we get out of the house at least once a week this summer for something fun, I enrolled the girls in an 8-week dance class. Avery has been asking for an entire year to do ballet again, and I figured Eleanor would want to as well if big sis was.

There is just one other girl in Eleanor's class, and there are about 8 little girls in Avery's.

Avery took right to it, doing all the dance moves and she raves about it all week between classes. Eleanor, on the other hand, tentatively walked into the room and just stood there, arms crossed, for almost the entire class. She eventually followed the teacher around, and she held the props when given to her, but that girl did not wiggle or spin or even smile. Her teacher kindly suggested that we give it another week, and then maybe consider removing her from the class.

Week two - same thing. Arms crossed, no smiling. Until halfway through, when she decided to try a couple of the steps, and then, boom! She loved it! Every week brings more excitement and more action from Eleanor, so that now she gives me an unsure look at first before hopping right in and dancing. Maybe it's the confidence that comes from wearing her superman shirt and her superman cape to class? ADORABLE.

Eleanor - don't tell Avery, but I think you have more natural talent at this. You always have been my motor one.


See the cutie with the short red hair? She was in Avery's preschool class this past year. 

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Michelle said...

Sadie has been asking and asking to go to "dancing" so I've signed her up for a class this fall. I have a feeling she may start out the same way Eleanor's to hoping she warms up just as quickly! Too cute!