Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Eleanor's Third Birthday

Eleanor celebrated her birthday at the beginning of September, and she LOVES to tell everyone, "I turned thwee for my birfday." Her one request? A Superman cake. She keeps calling it a Superman Lego cake (because of a library book of Lego Superman characters, naturally). I am NOT a cake decorator, so I cheated and piped the logo onto the top of the cake and called it good. It's much better than last year's cake, which was served up in a bowl because the entire thing collapsed. Gone are the days of Avery's two-tier first birthday cake, when I had time to be all fancy.

The day was simple and in the style of most birthdays around here - dinner of choice (Chick-fil-a), cake and ice cream and presents. Her favorite toy? A Superman that flies. 

This girl is such a joy. She tests my patience and has really stretched me as a mom, but she is charming and sweet and funny in a different way than Avery, and I just love her to pieces. 

birthday Facetime with Grayson

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