Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Marked as Christ's Own

We celebrated the baptism of Jack back in August. This is always an emotional thing for me, seeing my babies welcomed into the covenant family, being marked as Christ's own forever. We asked Pastor Grooms to perform the baptism, making this three for three (or at least I think so! I can't find ANY pics from Avery's baptism). I love looking at these photos; it's such a sense of deja vu. Same gymanctuary, many familiar faces in the background, but the children keep growing in number and getting older. It's so precious for my mama heart to see this.

Surrounded by family, and thankful that Luke's dad was in the country for this! 
For comparison, here we are at Eleanor's baptism:
And look! Tiny Grayson hiding in the background there....

The AfterParty, at which I took zero photos except these fabulous ones with my dear friend Elisabeth and sweet Virginia, who is two months younger than Jack (and she's also my goddaughter and his betrothed, oh yes she is). 

Not sure what's going on here, but I LOVE it

I have a handful of friends that have walked through some very rough times in my life with me, and Elisabeth is one of them. She has counseled me, prayed for me and with me, laughed and cried with me. Jack and Virginia are such tangible reminders of God's goodness and merciful kindness in our lives, and the stories behind each of these precious ones is something I will always cherish. I am thankful to be able to walk through life with Elisabeth and her family!

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EMU said...

Indeed! Love you!

And I can't believe how SMALL VSU looks in these pictures!