Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A (Quick) Look Back on 2014

1. We welcomed baby Jack into our family! What a joy he is, and we are all so delighted by him - you can't help but smile when Jack's around.

2. We enjoyed our second year in our new home, knocking out just a couple small DIY projects, like getting the nursery ready. One day we'll tackle the big stuff, like when we aren't paying hospital bills for having babies.

3. Avery finished up an awesome year of preschool and started kindergarten. We love her new school and will be returning next year.

4. Luke started a new job; he's still at Dell, but finally out of finance, much to his relief.

5. We went on our first family camping trip, survived the worst thunderstorm I've seen in a long time (in a tent, naturally), and Luke and I are still married after that epic weekend.

6. Luke decided a mustache was the way to go. Shortly after the first, he shaved it off, as well as all of his hair. Phew.

7. Eleanor declared a love for Superman that is deep and abiding.

8. We have settled into a really nice rhythm at home. Many days are crazy and chaotic and the house is often a mess, but I finally feel settled. It's a good thing.

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