Thursday, January 01, 2015

Christmas 2014

This year we celebrated Christmas at home, just the five of us. Our first Christmas at home, and it was just what we needed. We opened presents and stockings, with Avery playing Santa. She passed out all the gifts before settling down to open her own, which surprised me at first, but really, it lines up with her desire to savor the good things in life.
I spent the entire week before Christmas sewing an Elsa dress for her, even dragging my machine to Houston for our visit with my family. I'd say she loved it.

It was all Frozen on Avery's end, and all Superman on Eleanor's. Sometimes they couldn't be more opposite.
Fun fact: Jack is exactly the same age (plus two days) that Avery was at her first Christmas. He managed to stay awake through all of the present opening however, while Avery needed a nap partway through.
Pancakes for breakfast, a nap for me, and then hours in the kitchen cooking Christmas dinner. I think we'll go simple next year so I can play with the kids more. Or we'll be home the days leading up to it and travel after so that I can do food prep.

A quiet day with my most favorite people in the world, celebrating the birth of Christ.

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Michelle said...

We had a pre-made pizza to cook in the oven on Christmas was delightfully easy and yummy!