Monday, February 07, 2011

Snow Day

We finally found a cable to upload pictures - we'll start with the snow day and then work backwards a few weeks.
Avery and her friend/neighbor E.

mid-squeal of delight
helping Daddy build a snowman, though they could never get it to pack well enough

We thoroughly enjoyed the snow for 10 or 15 minutes before Avery started crying "Done, done, done!" Her poor little nose was bright red, her mittens got wet, and she woke up from her nap later that day with bright red chapped cheeks. Snow is fun for a few minutes, but I think we're all glad that we don't have to live in it all winter.

 We stayed home for 3 days straight last week during the cold spell. Avery discovered my nail polish collection and practiced standing all of them up and then returning them to the drawer, over and over.

 A couple weeks ago we were hit with a stomach bug, although in this pic we weren't aware of it yet. Avery fell asleep around 6:30 on the couch, which has NEVER happened before. We snapped these two pics, and then 5 minutes later she barfed all over that blanket. Thankfully it didn't end up on the couch.
 She woke up once, because she couldn't feel the iPod in her hand anymore...once she knew it was safe, she fell back asleep. (And then puked.)
 So, we spent the next day watching movies and cuddling in bed, with protective towels and blankets should the Barf Bug make a return.
Feeling better, and wearing Daddy's boots.

 She insisted on this scooter over anything else in the store, so the grandparents gifted it to her. But - it's really for kids at least the age of 4 - she has no idea how to properly ride it (it's a momentum toy where you wiggle it back and forth to get going), but she LOVES it. She rides it in our tiny kitchen, going as fast as she can so she can slam into the trashcan, which makes her erupt into a thousand giggles.

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