Monday, August 15, 2011

Doc Update for Baby P

Or midwife, really, since I see the midwives more than the doctors. Fine by me, because I love them. Everything is looking good, had the Group Beta Strep test done this morning (please pray that it is negative), and the baby's heartbeat was high today because he/she kept wiggling away every time she tried to listen - we've got an active one in there!

This was a new-to-me midwife; she was a quick talker, which made me think she'd rush right out, but she was so bubbly and friendly and stayed as long as I needed and didn't rush through my questions. Loved her and would be happy if she were the one on-call during delivery.

Apparently I'm a rockstar at my GD diet, so now I get to go down to checking my blood sugar just twice a day. This is fantastic news because those supplies are expensive. And, I don't have to worry so much about what my numbers do during labor, which means I can just focus on labor and not stress over getting the right carb count for once, just eating and drinking as I need to.

I go back in two weeks again, but since they don't automatically do pelvic exams, it's mostly just to listen to the baby's heartbeat and check my vitals. I also learned that though my bedrest restrictions are lifted this weekend, at 37 weeks, a term baby is considered 37 completed weeks, meaning 38 weeks. Are you confused yet? So ideally I'd go another 2 weeks, though I'm not really worried about making that. However, I am noticing pre-labor symptoms that I never had with Avery (who they had to force out), so maybe this baby will show up by the due date instead of after. Not holding my breath on that though!


EMU said...

So glad things are looking good! It won't be long now... :)

Michelle said...

Great news!!