Saturday, February 18, 2012

5 Months

 Poor little Eleanor, I never get monthly photos of you. Instead, I get these:

And, I always post late. This time it's 9 days late. Poor sweet baby, you're loved a ton. Your mama is just REALLY bad at documenting it!

At 5 months, you:

  • are quick to offer smiles to anyone who pays attention to you
  • roll from back to tummy mostly, though you're getting better at rolling tummy to back, which will be really useful one day when I put you to bed, so I don't have to keep rescuing you. 
  • sleep through the night most of the time, though occasionally you want to eat around 3 or 4 am. Most nights you're down from 6:30 to 5 or 6 am, and then back to bed for another hour or two.
  • love tummy time - you can play for an hour, just rolling around, reaching for the toys and are starting to scoot towards them if they are out of reach
  • always rotate 90 degrees when you're laying down, and sometimes in the morning I find you with your head at a different end of the crib entirely
  • are weaned off the swaddling blanket, but naps are shorter now. Grrrr.
  • nap for an hour in the morning, a catnap before lunch, and then an afternoon nap, if it's a good day. 
  • love the Ergo and almost always fall asleep in it if I sway constantly
  • have taken a couple bottles, but consistently fight them and prefer it from the source
  • still stay with me during Bible study and church. February isn't the best month to start you in the nursery, thankyouverymuchcoldandfluseason
  • are behind on your monthly vaccines - we spread them out and at this point, I might reschedule again and just wait til your 6 month well-check and simply be behind on the shots
  • seem SO interested in food and track my every bite. Not yet kiddo! I'm not ready to switch to changing that kind of diaper.
  • WITHOUT FAIL poop when you are wearing white, and usually when in the car, which means one week I washed the car seat 3 times. One of those was so bad that I went through half a package of wipes (no lie) and was mopping it up from the base of the car-seat (as in, the part where the car-seat clicks into the car - it seeped through the whole seat down into a puddle in the base). Our friend Ms. Katie was visiting from NYC, and I think this episode was pretty effective birth control for her and her hubby Mr. Ben.
  • are still nursing well and seem satisfied after each meal, so another reason to wait on solids for a few more weeks
  • have found your squealing voice, and shout out when you're in the bouncer playgym when I walk by
  • are most fond of Avery. She can get you to laugh better than anyone else, and you light up when she comes into the room or pays attention to you.
  • are happy happy happy

We love you so much, sweet girl!


Michelle said...

Oh, that!!

EMU said...

Bahaha! Those pictures are hilarious! Did she do that in a cloth diaper? In my experience CDs hold poop so much better, so I'm going to be really impressed if she blew out that much in a CD!

Meghann said...

Definitely not a cloth diaper! She overflows the top so easily in those darn disposables but I'm taking a break for a little while from the CD. Isn't it horrific?! :)

Kim said...

Another one laughing out loud at the diaper blowout picture! But since I've been there and done that, I can relate. And I remember those days fondly as they went by in a blink of an eye. You're a great mom, Meghann!