Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy ♥ Day

Valentine's Day is a much more enjoyable holiday when you have kids. Any little excuse to surprise my girlies with some fun treats is fine by me! Eleanor didn't really partake in the holiday this year, but she did get decked out in some pink heart duds for the day.

The day started with chocolate chip pancakes, and then at dinner I surprised Avery with a little mailbox of goodies. (Target One Spot - I ♥ you!)

so serious

oh! a good one.

the following are what I got when I asked Aves to smile

sweet sisters

love this one, and love that Aves has her arm around Eleanor

Heart Day stickers, conversation hearts, and new socks

I let her eat the whole box after dinner, and then no more! all gone! didn't have to deal with them the next day

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