Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Conversations with Avery

The other day, she bolted from the car and ran straight to the front door. She likes to "hide" on the front porch, waiting for me to come around the corner. She turned to look at me and told me, "I want to poop inside." Okaaaaayyyyy, I think we can handle that. Did she want to poop on the potty inside? Nope. Just didn't want to do it in the great outdoors.

Later that day, she shut her bedroom door in Luke's face and told him, "I'm going to poop in here." 

I think we might be moving past the booger stage. 

Speaking of boogers, most of her conversations have been about boogers this past week. They're usually in the realm of "I have a booger. Wanna help me clean it?" Sometimes she doesn't ask, and she just wipes it on my jeans, to which I reply "Ew, go get a tissue." Instead of blowing her nose and wiping her fingers, she wipes my jeans and leaves tissue fuzz stuck to the booger that is STILL there. 

When tucking her into bed one night, she asked if I wanted to cuddle. I said sure, I'd love to, for two minutes. She looked at me with her negotiation stare: "How about 3 minutes?" Ha, ok. Then, "How about 20 minutes?" Ha, no.

Yesterday, she was jumping on my bed and telling me that she was climbing the tallest "hell." What?! In what episode does Dora go to hell? Turns out, it was a hill. Of course. Everything is hills and mountains around here.

"Mommy, Eleanor has a scratch on her belly. She has two scratches on her belly." No, Avery, those are Eleanor's nipples. You have nipples too. "I don't want you to show me my nipples!"

One night, right after putting Eleanor to bed, Avery asked to go to Target. I told her we couldn't go tonight, and she had a literal meltdown. Sobbing, "I want to go to Target! I want to go to Target!" And, this wasn't a tantrum, but just utter, extreme, sadness over not being able to go shopping at Target. I think she might be my child.

Leaving Bible study today, she ran up to me out of the nursery and told me, "I missed you so much." while she held my hand. Make my heart melt!

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