Thursday, November 14, 2013

Halloween 2013 Adventures

Cinderella and Gus, and a happy dad b/c Gus wouldn't be still 
"This hat is dumb, Mom."

"I hate that I don't have a pretty princess dress too!"

"And this stupid tail - seriously?!"

Don't mind Luke's face - not sure what's going on here. The best we could get with the sweet neighbor kiddos. 

It's go-time.

Avery and our best little buddy on our street.

These sweet girls are a week apart!

And then - we ended up in the ER due to a peanut exposure. Benadryl works wonders... you can see here.

And the next day - still zonked from all the meds.

I am officially over Halloween. I think we'll dress up but skip trick-or-treating in the future, because having to give our first epi shot was not on my highlights list for life. We'll come up with our own fun traditions, like baking special Halloween cookies and drinking hot chocolate and then pass out candy to the neighbors. This momma-heart can't take another night like that!

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Michelle said...

I'm so sorry that's how your night ended! I'm glad that you knew what to do and sweet Eleanor was ok!